TL;DR Version

I write about random stuff – life, the universe and everything, mostly through books.

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Longer Version

Hi there! I am Anusha Narasimhan, a Chennai based programmer, bibliophile, environment lover and egalitarian in progress. Welcome to my website! Here, you’ll find my reflections on random topics. From general musings to book reviews to green living, everything that matters to me will be posted. More info on my blog in Q&A format below:

1. What is this website about?

This started off as a personal development blog with my musings on a variety of topics. I happen to love books, so I frequently gush about the books I like or make listicles of book recommendations. Nowadays, most of my posts are either about books or inspired by the books I’ve read recently.

The goal of this website is to open up people to different perspectives and try out new things. Also, in the process of writing, I hope to pay more attention to the world around me, check out topics that I would otherwise procrastinate to learn about and better myself as an individual.

2. What will I gain out of reading your blog?

I have a pattern-seeking brain that over thinks and over analyzes everything, which means I have a knack of reading between the lines. I tend to have a different opinion on things and don’t always stick to social norms. You can follow my blog to see things from a different perspective.

Being a multipotentialite with diverse interests, I like to explore a variety of things and write about them. I wish to inspire people into trying different things by reading my blog. Check out my blog to explore various topics and book recommendations across genres.

3. I’m new here. How do I start exploring this site?

To check out all of my blog posts, you can browse through the “Blog” tab on the Menu above. If you are a fellow book lover, click on the “Books” category for book reviews, recommendations, listicles and bookaholic babbling. Does philosophy intrigue you? Then browse the posts in the “Musings” category. You can also explore the “Top Posts” and “Popular Tags” sections on the right.

4. I want to start with a non-bookish post. What would you suggest?

Here are some of my personal favourites:

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> What I learnt from the Chennai floods

> All the world’s a stage

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> Shortness of Life

> The day I turned egalitarian

> My 1000 Days Media Diet Plan

5. I don’t agree with your opinions. Why do you write such articles?

If you disagree with my thoughts, feel free to drop a comment on the article and I’d be more than happy to partake in a civil, logical and polite discussion. To err is human and no one can be right all the time. I’m always happy to listen to a different point of view. I believe that is how one grows as a person. However, if your comments are irrelevant or mean, I might delete them. It is my blog after all and I don’t want any trolls here.

6. Where do I find more of your book reviews and recommendations?

I must confess that almost all my book reviews are exclusively on goodreads. Only if I absolutely loved a book or got inspired by some things in a book, it gets mentioned in my site. If you want to see all the books I’ve read and go through all my reviews, check out my goodreads profile. If you are not on goodreads, feel free to discuss books in the comment section of any book-related post. Please note that I do not accept any book challenge tags.

7. I’m an author. Will you be interested in an ARC of my book?

Check out the Book Review Submissions page for details.

Happy reading!