Out with the new!

In today’s world, it is mandatory to be up-to-date with current events and trending topics. Being up-to-date in your areas of interests is good. Having to be up-to-date in everything else to be accepted by the society is not so good.

I’m a programmer and an avid book reader. I’m interested in home decor and cooking. I like to lead an environment friendly life. I follow all popular technology, coding and computer science related blogs. I browse about book releases, follow bookish accounts on Instagram and check goodreads every 10 minutes (Hmm, I may need help here). I have home decor and interior design related apps installed on my phone. I scout out healthy and yummy vegetarian recipes. I’ve subscribed to a handful of green-living websites and read every single article. I repin these topics and more on my Pinterest boards.

However, I’m thought of as not being up-to-date or tech savvy by others. Why? Because I’m expected to know about all the latest memes, the viral YouTube videos, highly shared Facebook posts and the trending twitter topics and I fail to meet these expectations. Incidentally, the ones who think I’m not tech savvy due to this are the ones who think being tech savvy is all about being active on Facebook.

A month back, I watched Alia Bhatt’s response to the nasty criticism of her ‘Koffee with Karan’ incident on social media. Not knowing the name of her country’s president does not make her an idiot. Yet, we were flooded with jokes about her IQ. She certainly did not deserve all that bullying.

Her response video was brilliant. It illustrates that one can never know everything. No matter how much we try, the known will always be a tiny drop compared to the ocean of unknown. So why waste time on being up-to-date on things you do not care about?

I feel that a huge problem with obsessing over the new and trending stuff is that there won’t be much time to experience the old and gold things. Let me explain this with my tryst with literature. There was a time when I could not wait to get my hands on all the latest ‘it’ books. After reading them, I’d feel that they didn’t live up to the hype. Then I came across classics. While I was initially bored, I found something great in every classic book I read. Now, I’ve joined the Classics Club Challenge to help me enjoy the old classics full-time, while leaving some free time to go after the popular new releases.

I’m trying to apply the same principle in everything. While I will only race to be in-the-know of things I love, I will also explore other new stuff. Only that the exploration topics will be chosen by me and not dictated by the society.


3 thoughts on “Out with the new!

  1. ediot101 says:

    Well said. I’m neither tech-savvy in your actual sense nor tech-savvy in your virtual sense, therefore feel fairly lost most of the time! However, I’m not lacking in intelligence either (I hope, I might be dumb enough not to notice). People have become very superficial and seem to assume that being ‘in the know’ is the same as being smart.

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