Fitness Resolution With A Change

I’m not the New Year Resolution type and I roll my eyes when someone says their resolution is to lose weight. However, this year, I am taking a new year resolution and it might have a side-effect of weight loss.

Being a software engineer and reading about the risks of a sedentary lifestyle over and over, I’m finally motivated to take charge. I’ve never been known for my sports abilities or my stamina and lately I’ve become a couch potato. It’s high time I get moving. Behold the brand new health conscious me!

Here’s what I plan to do:

  1. Exercise daily, even if it is only warming up (baby steps, I know)
  2. Try to meditate in the mornings and before sleeping at night. (Try is the keyword here)
  3. Use public transport instead of taking autos as often as possible. This adds to the steps I walk and reduces my carbon footprint. (My hardest challenge)
  4. Eat at a proper specific time daily. Also, try not forgetting to eat whenever I’m focused on something.
  5. Maintain proper posture, especially at work and while reading.

Here’s what I won’t do:

  1. Track my weight
  2. Obsess over my BMI
  3. Get a fitness band
  4. Change my diet
  5. Join a gym

So, how will I track my progress? Well, I used to do yoga few years back and I felt a difference. My stamina improved. I slept well. I was calm and at peace during situations that would usually anger or annoy me. I felt stronger physically and mentally. That’s what I’m aiming for, a holistic approach to health.

I will know I’m progressing when I don’t gasp for air when I’m climbing a hundred stairs, when I can walk a farther distance than usual without complaining or when I look forward to a trekking trip.

Why won’t I track my weight or BMI? First of all, it doesn’t tell me about my fitness and that is the important thing to me. Second, weight loss doesn’t happen as quick as people would want it to. Obsessing over it might make us lose hope of ever improving and we might stop exercising.

Why no fitness band? I’m an obsessive person. It’s all or nothing for me. If I wear a fitness band, I’ll strive to reach the desired number everyday at any cost. If I’m walking in the park, instead of marveling at the beautiful trees and plants around me, I’d be looking over the band and check the number of steps I’ve walked. I won’t enjoy the process and will become a slave to the band.

As for diet, luckily, I’m a vegetarian who loves her fruits and vegetables, so I don’t need to follow a new diet. Having said that, I won’t compromise on my cheese fetish and the occasional snacking on chips. I’m unconcerned about my caloric intake. I think there is no need to starve yourself of things you love, unless you have a medical condition that requires you to.

I won’t be joining a gym, because I prefer light exercises to intense workouts. Also, if I want to workout, I can just do the household chores. I wanted holistic approach, remember? So, if I really need guidance, I’d prefer joining a yoga class over a gym.

I know my resolution may sound vague, but if you think about it, it is actually SMART (Specific, Meaningful, Action-Oriented, Realistic, Time-bound), the way all goals should be.

Did you take up any New Year Resolution? Comment below!


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