Valentine’s Day: Another excuse to overcharge SMS/Calls

Yesterday, I got a message from Tata Docomo as follows:

On 14-Feb-16, all outgoing calls will be charged at 1.7p/s & SMS at base tariff rates. SMS/call pack benefits will not apply.

Many other mobile network operators send similar notification that the SMS packs and call rate cutter packs will not apply on Valentine’s Day. I thought long and hard, but could not fathom the logic behind this move.

Think about it. It makes some sense to charge us on festivals like Diwali, Pongal, Christmas and New Year. On these days, we do send (or rather used to send) a bulk of SMS to all our relatives and friends wishing them a happy time. We call up our loved ones and spend considerable time on the phone.

Why charge on Valentine’s Day? It isn’t as if we’re all going to contact multiple people and wish them a happy Valentine’s Day. I don’t know about other places, but the occasion doesn’t have too much hype in India. It’s mostly a teenager’s and newlyweds’ thing. Even if all the committed people celebrated it, they are only going to talk to each other on the phone, which they would do any other day as well. What monetary advantage are the mobile network operators going to gain by charging them on one particular day? It could be any other day and they’d gain the same amount.

As for SMS boosters not being applicable on any festival, who sends SMS these days? Seriously! Few years back, we all used SMS boosters and chatted with our friends through SMS. Nowadays, we have an internet pack and use WhatsApp for texting. Some of us even have internet pack just for WhatsApp and Facebook.

In a time where most of our received SMS are automated notifications and advertisements, there are only a few people who use SMS booster. I don’t know any, but there still might be a handful of those people. Shouldn’t mobile service providers treasure them, instead of deducting money unnecessarily from their balance?


8 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day: Another excuse to overcharge SMS/Calls

  1. jagritjain says:

    Except there is no logic. It’s business. It’s economics.
    I am very passionate about film making. So I wanted to read screenplay of a film after watching it. But when I checked it online, I found that it was quite expensive. Now, why would they sell screenplay instead of uploading it for free. How many of us actually buy this stuff? I get that we pay for watching Films in halls. It’s art. But screenplay is more than art. It’s knowledge.


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