I’m Back!

No, I’m not referring to any of the multiple songs titled “I’m back”. Nor am I delivering Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous dialogue(s). This post is about me being back to blogging. Before you conclude that this is an apology post, let me assure you that there is more to it than meets the eye. Fret not, because some morals are embedded as well.

If you’re following my blog, you would have noticed that I’ve been MIA for a while, even though my last post announced that I’d be publishing a new blog post at least once a week. I take back that promise because I’ve just proved that’s not going to happen. Also, more importantly, quantity does not matter. I shall focus only on quality, as I earlier used to.

Why haven’t I blogged for a long time, you ask? Well, for starters, I had about 10 drafts that needed to be edited and around 25 ideas jotted down in a word document, and they were all lost when my laptop got drenched in the rain. I couldn’t salvage the hard disk and didn’t even have the forethought to backup my data. That left me disappointed and I just didn’t feel motivated to write. Well, that and I’ve been spending every free minute reading ARC (Advance Review Copy) books, such that I couldn’t find time to write. 😀

The funny thing is that I had a Norton Security with Backup (NSBU) installed in my laptop, which I received for free. I was just too hesitant to run the backup because it took a lot of time. Every time I started that process, I’d last about ten minutes and then think, “Well, do I really need cloud backup? I can just save all the important stuff in an external hard disk and a pen drive. This is taking too long. Let me just cancel it.” And so, I wouldn’t let Norton back up my data.

Being cautious, I would back up most of the data frequently in multiple storage devices. However, I never backed up my writing because my pen drives and hard disks often got circulated to my friends and I didn’t want them to see my drafts. If only I had used the NSBU feature, I wouldn’t have lost my data. It would have perfectly served my purpose because no one would be able to access my data other than me.

So why didn’t I use that feature? I wonder if time was the only issue. Maybe I didn’t care much about it because I got it for free? Think about it, don’t we all value something less if we got it for free or if it was inexpensive? Similarly, don’t we think too highly of things that are expensive? We often think, “If it costs a lot, it must be really good. If it is cheap, the quality won’t be good.” While this may be true sometimes, it isn’t the case all the time. After all, it is said that the best things in life are for free.

A second thought that struck my mind after my laptop died was, “Why didn’t I just publish my posts as and when I wrote them? Why did I save them up to be polished and published later?” How often do we have things left unsaid to people we cherish, only to regret it later? Why aren’t we wearing our hearts on our sleeves when we know that life is too short? Why postpone something when it can be done right now?

My friend once attended a seminar which emphasized on the importance of letting people know your feelings immediately. The speaker wanted all the attendees to call their parents and/or significant other and let them know how much they love them. My friend thought it was a ridiculous exercise (and so do I). After all, if you call your parents out of the blue and tell them you love them, they are going to get worried. They may wonder if something is wrong or if you did something wrong, unless you are one of those expressive people who frequently speak their heart.

Instead of this exercise, you could try being more vocal about your feelings and tell people what you appreciate about them. Most of the time, we say the good things about people during their farewells or in their eulogies, when it is too late. That is also a major cause of regret during separations. Instead of wishing later that we should have expressed our gratitude, apologies or love, how about we convey these feelings then and there?

Now, don’t yell at your colleague because they made you mad. You have to stay professional at work. Also, I’m only talking about expressing positive feelings. Negative feelings need to be let out subtly and I myself don’t know the knack well enough to preach. So, I’ll only ask you to appreciate others wholeheartedly and promptly.

On that note, I would like to thank you for reading my blog and apologize for not posting once a week, though I promised to. Now that I am back after a break, I hope to write more frequently. I won’t comment on the quantity, but I can confidently say that I will write about things that mean a lot to me.

12 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. chronolibrarian says:

    Welcome back Anusha – I was wondering……
    We are going through a “workplace change” at my work – a euphemism for spilling everyone out of their jobs and discarding non-qualified people with decades of valuable experience to fit someone’s idea of the correct organisation. So I will be saying goodbye to a lot of colleagues I have worked with for a long time and will have to tell them what they have meant to me. Hopefully I have done that over the years with the closest ones, especially my three team leaders who will all be leaving. It is so important to tell the important people in your life how much you value them.

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    • Anusha Narasimhan says:

      I can relate to that. I had a team change a year back. I started missing my old team members after joining the new team and realized I haven’t told them how much I value them. Luckily, I was in the same office. So I got to meet up with them often. Now, I’ve made it a point to express myself in my current team.

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  2. mitadaur says:

    Welcome back Anusha!

    Laptop getting drenched is terrible. Losing your work, even more so 😦

    But glad that you have found a lesson for yourself and took a good step to educate others too. I liked the idea of expressing more often. Yes, often we tend to ignore expressing ourselves, especially as introverts.

    I take a couple of lessons from your blog post:
    1. Edit my work 🙂 I am poor at this. I write my first copy, then I leave it for few days, then I do a quick edit just to check for the typos.
    2. Expressing ourselves better and more often.

    Also, if I could offer you a suggestion, you could use Google docs for your writing purposes. I use google docs for my writing. It’s there. Even the drafts, the blank documents, the fully written posts, everything is just available whenever I want it.

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