Nothing is permanent except change!

Dear reader,

I am planning to redesign this website and change the focus from musings based on books to a broader theme. So far, this site contained my reflections on books and personal experiences. I also posted musings on day-to-day stuff and rants on things that bothered me. All the readers and commenters were nice and kind to my posts and I’m very grateful for it. It was great to get positive comments and constructive feedback from strangers. If you are one of my 285 followers, thank you so much for your support! Even if you do not follow me, I’m glad you peeked at this page 🙂

If you saw my previous post, you know that I don’t read many books these days and hence, haven’t written much as well. Many of my subscribers were keen on my updates on books, so it felt wrong to post about other topics when I haven’t written much on books. I ended up not posting anything at all. Now, I want to expand this site to include all kinds of media, from books to TED talks to dramas to music to short films from around the world and even other websites.

Why this sudden change you ask? Well, I started this year by revisiting my old blog posts and I feel like I have grown more mature now than 4 years back (or at least I hope so). There were posts that surprised me in a very positive way and then there were few lines here and there that made me realize that I sometimes wrote from raw emotions and could have improved the posts by explaining my stance better.

There was also a time when I was down in the dumps and my posts written at that time seem to be in a negative tone when I read them now. I initially thought of leaving them as is to serve as a reminder of how my thought process has improved. However, I’ve decided that it is better to prune out any post that is judgmental or complaining and rewrite them. After all, there is no use for you as a reader to listen to me whining unless it brings you a new perspective or gives you some solution. Also, the internet is chock full of negativity and I wish to add only positive energy as much as possible. You may see some articles disappearing in the coming days and new ones written on never before seen topics like kpop or drama.

As for expanding from books, gone are the days when you could learn and get inspired only from books. The TV is no longer an idiot box. In the current age, there are so many media from which one can access thought-provoking content. In the past months, every time I watched an awesome online series that made me put on my thinking cap or listened to a song whose lyrics tugged at my heartstrings, I was upset that I could not post about them since this blog is mostly about books.

Another reason for expanding outside of just books is that I can only read books that are written in certain languages and have to rely on translators to do a good job. Non-print media offer more options to explore content from around the world. For instance, if I browse YouTube videos, I can watch good content made in any language as long as there are subtitles and also explore the comment section to give me more food for thought as long as I ignore the trolls.

Does it mean I don’t think books are great or I won’t be posting on books much anymore? Not at all. It simply means that if I watch a 2-minute advertisement during my break and it got my creative juices flowing, I will post about it.

The new theme of this website is going to be my reflections on interesting content that you can access from your couch. As usual, the topics will be random and I will share my unique interpretations and musings on the piece that inspired me to write a post. The only change is that the posts will be inspired by many forms of media, instead of only books. I’m also thinking of adding sketches relevant to the posts. I haven’t drawn in years so this would be an interesting experience for me.

Last but not least, I am wondering if I should rename and rebrand the site. Suggestions welcome!

2 thoughts on “Nothing is permanent except change!

  1. mitadaur says:

    Excellent Anusha. Nice to see your new form 🙂 All the best.

    It’s been a while since I have been to the blogging world and I’m happy that I stumbled upon your post to begin with.

    Liked by 1 person

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