Day 67 Media Diet Roundup (Part 3) Featuring the Best Russian Short Story Collection

Alright, I’ll admit I slipped and didn’t follow my 1000 days Media Diet Plan properly. I may have taken part in some video binge-watching but I did read my daily dose of short stories and poems so I’ll call it a success. In my defence, it was the holiday season, and everyone knows you cannot follow a diet during this time of the year. Let me stop the excuses now and share what I read in the past 19 days.

Short Stories Roundup:

As mentioned in the previous roundup, I read some classic Russian short stories. Given that I’m a Russian literature newbie, this collection was helpful in exploring its golden age through short stories. I particularly liked the introduction which talked about the authors and their style of writing. It helped gauge what to expect from the stories and also appreciate them better.

These are the short stories in this book:

  1. The Queen of Spades – Alexander Pushkin
  2. The Cloak (The Overcoat) – Nikolai Gogol
  3. The District Doctor – Turgenev
  4. The Christmas Tree and The Wedding – Dostoyevsky
  5. God Sees The Truth But Waits – Leo Tolstoy
  6. How a Muzhik Fed Two Officials – Saltykov
  7. The Shades, A Phantasy – Korolenko
  8. The Signal – Garshin
  9. The Darling – Anton Chekhov
  10. The Bet – Anton Chekhov
  11. Vanka – Anton Chekhov
  12. Hide and Seek – Sologub
  13. Dethroned – Potapenko
  14. The Servant – Semyonov
  15. One Autumn Night – Gorky
  16. Her Lover – Gorky
  17. Lazarus – Andreyev
  18. The Revolutionist – Artzybashev
  19. The Outrage – Kuprin

This collection gives you a glimpse into the works of great Russian authors. Would highly recommend it. You can read it online here. If you want to download the collection in a specific format to send to your e-reader, the link is here.

Poetry Roundup:

It’s winter and that calls for poems in the themes of snow, ice and cold. Granted, we don’t exactly experience this season in Chennai but humour me here. I planned to look up some winter-themed poetry but I was a bit occupied (and lazy) because it was the holiday season, so I decided to read Robert Frost’s poems instead. The name Frost should fit the bill, right?

I read the following poems from the collection “New Hampshire” in the past 19 days:

  1. Stopping by Woods On a Snowy Evening – Robert Frost
  2. Fire And Ice – Robert Frost
  3. New Hampshire – Robert Frost
  4. A Star in a Stoneboat – Robert Frost
  5. The Census-Taker – Robert Frost
  6. The Star-Splitter – Robert Frost
  7. Maple – Robert Frost
  8. The Ax-Helve – Robert Frost
  9. The Grindstone – Robert Frost
  10. Paul’s Wife – Robert Frost
  11. Wild Grapes – Robert Frost
  12. Place for a Third – Robert Frost
  13. Two Witches – Robert Frost
  14. The Witch of Coos – Robert Frost
  15. The Pauper Witch of Grafton – Robert Frost
  16. An Empty Threat – Robert Frost
  17. A Fountain, a Bottle, a Donkey’s Ears, and Some Books – Robert Frost
  18. I Will Sing You One-O – Robert Frost
  19. Fragmentary Blue – Robert Frost

Reading Forecast:

I signed up for the Deal Me In short story reading challenge this year. The cards have told me to read Selected Stories by Rudyard Kipling, Charles Dickens and James Joyce before the next full moon. As for poetry, I will be continuing with Robert Frost’s New Hampshire collection.

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