NaNoWriMo: First Impressions

It is said that everyone has a story in them. NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month aims to help people in creating novels. It is a challenge to write 50000 words of a novel’s draft in the 30 days of November. I was one of the many people who were dubious about it and assumed it emphasizes on quantity over quality. This year I decided to give it a try. I did have a few story ideas in mind for years but never managed to write them, so I figured I’d take part and see how it goes. In this post, I will share my experience with my first NaNoWriMo and give you reasons to try it out yourself. Continue reading


My Love-Hate Relationship With Diwali

I had a spectacular Diwali this year. Granted, the travel agency we used to book Tirupati tickets messed up and dropped us in the temple five whole hours early without any means to contact people, so we were kind of stranded without anything to do. Sure, some of our relatives got lost in the crowd and we found them after two hours of frantic searching. There was also the fact that I became slightly sick and got a pounding headache that brought me to tears. Still, it was one of the best Diwalis I’ve had to endure.

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Sunscreens are not cosmetics!

It is officially summer in Chennai, the place said to have perpetual summer. Dozens of sunscreen advertisements pop up wherever I go. I roll my eyes at them because I know that at least half of them are useless, while the rest are missing the point. As someone who suffers from photosensitivity and has to wear sunscreen year round whenever I head out in the sun, let me debunk the misconceptions about sunscreens. I will also help you in identifying the right sunscreen and finding out whether you need one in the first place. Continue reading

Let It GO! – A Toastmasters Speech

I had a short stint as a Toastmasters Club Secretary. Though I loved the meetings, I soon realized that the secretary’s role took too much of my time and I dropped off Toastmasters after a single term, which is 6 months. Every now and then, I missed speaking in front of the lovely crowd and listening to people’s inspiring speeches.

Recently, I had the opportunity to listen to a mesmerizing speech by my friend. Continue reading

I’m Back!

No, I’m not referring to any of the multiple songs titled “I’m back”. Nor am I delivering Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous dialogue(s). This post is about me being back to blogging. Before you conclude that this is an apology post, let me assure you that there is more to it than meets the eye. Fret not, because some morals are embedded as well. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day: Another excuse to overcharge SMS/Calls

Yesterday, I got a message from Tata Docomo as follows:

On 14-Feb-16, all outgoing calls will be charged at 1.7p/s & SMS at base tariff rates. SMS/call pack benefits will not apply.

Many other mobile network operators send similar notification that the SMS packs and call rate cutter packs will not apply on Valentine’s Day. I thought long and hard, but could not fathom the logic behind this move.

Think about it. It makes some sense to charge us on festivals like Diwali, Continue reading

What impact do you want to make in life?

It is necessary to understand the importance of why we do things and what impact each of our tasks create. This is a lesson I learnt from a sprint demo. Pardon me for the jargon I use in this post. I hope the message comes across in spite of it.

If you read my older article on retrospection, you’ll know that our team uses Agile Continue reading

What I learnt from the Chennai Floods

A cyclone formation and water logging of some areas is common during Chennai monsoons. This year, however, we had torrential rains that took many lives, ruined houses and made the lives of innumerable people miserable all over Tamil Nadu. Compared to these victims, I had a smooth ride. This post summarizes my experience and learning.

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Stages Of Chennai Monsoon

The word rain is usually used in a negative context – “You’re raining on my parade”, “We need to save up for a rainy day”, “Let me take a rain check”. However, to most people in Chennai, rain is a reason for rejoicing. After all, it feels like we have summer all year round. There are five stages of monsoon in Chennai: Continue reading