My Women’s Day Reading List

I often come across book lists that feature women writers. This women’s day, instead of giving you yet another list of books by (white) women, I wanted to share books for women and about women. No, this is not a list of “chick-lit”. And no, not a feminism 101 reading list either. I will post one in the future when I’m well read on the topic.

In this post, I will be sharing books that have meant a lot to me, that are on my must-read list and that are constantly being recommended to me. This list will be across genres but will feature books that center around women. Continue reading


The Day I turned Egalitarian

I was born a feminist. I remember many instances of my childhood where I’d question the cultural customs and proverbs that dictate the roles of women and/or degrade women. I’ve argued so much with my mom about these that she would call me a lawyer.

There may be a range of definition for feminism, but I take it to mean that men and women should be treated equally. I know some of you would immediately ask why this is called feminism and why not something like equalism if equality is the thing that we are striving for. Continue reading