Out with the new!

In today’s world, we are coerced, if not mandated, to be up-to-date with current events and trending topics. Being up-to-date in your areas of interests is good. Having to be up-to-date in everything else to be accepted by society is not so good. Continue reading

Brain over Beauty?

In the first episode of the TV series ‘House’, Cameron is shocked that House hired her because of her good looks. House asks her, “Would that upset you, really, to think that you were hired because of some genetic gift of beauty instead of some genetic gift of intelligence?” Only then it hits me that intelligence can also be considered as a genetic gift, just like beauty.

Why do we glorify intelligence while we think low of beauty, as if it is some unearned gift? Why is it that a beautiful, brainy woman wants to be called intelligent and not pretty at work? Here are some points why this might be the case: Continue reading