Why You Should Read Books On Introverts And My Top Books Of 2017

2017 was a good year for introverts, at least when it comes to books. There were a few cool books published about introversion. I came across three lovely comics and one essential nonfiction. Before I announce these books, let me explain why we need to read them. I find that I often have to convince people to read books or articles on this topic, so here goes. Continue reading


40 Reasons Why I’m Quiet: INFJ Confessions

I think I speak for all quiet people out there when I say that we are tired of hearing, “Oh, you are so quiet”. This is annoying not just because it is stating the obvious but also because being quiet is seen a bad thing. Apparently, people think you are shy, socially awkward, simple-minded, sad, anti-social, or bored if you don’t speak much. While these can all possibly be a reason why someone is quiet (and there is nothing wrong with that), there are many more reasons why someone can be quiet. Continue reading