My 18 Reading Challenges For 2018

Left to my own devices, I tend to read too many comics and too little of everything else. In my defence, comics are fun, quick to read and easy to pack into one’s daily schedule. Some of them are also informative and inspiring. However, with my recent addiction to Webtoons, I’ve not been reading much novels and nonfiction. This year’s goodreads statistics came to me like an intervention, urging me to control my comics obsession (I actually have an “ongoing-obsessions” shelf on goodreads). As a remedial measure, I’ve decided to take up a few reading challenges. I read around 270 books in 2017, so surely I can breeze through 18 challenges, right? (Note the sarcasm here)

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My Favourite Lessons From Harry Potter

There is more to the Harry Potter series than meets the eye. Sure, we occasionally meet people who claim it to be a children’s book series, but every Potterhead will give you hundreds of reasons as to why HP is awesome. Take a step back from the spectacular world building, brilliant writing and interesting plot and you will observe many moral lessons.

The emphasis on certain topics, such as friendship, loyalty, courage, love, perseverance, righteousness, equality, sacrifice, community, hope, choice, etc., is pretty obvious. However, there are a few other things that grabbed my interest while reading the series again as an adult. In lieu of Harry Potter’s 20th anniversary, I reread the books and found myself more in love with the series than I did as a child. Here’s why: Continue reading

Why we need Literature

In the education industry, there has been too much glorification of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Lately, Arts is also joining the picture and the focus is called STEAM. However, literature is still underrated.

I see many parents who force their child to concentrate on Maths, Physics and Chemistry (MPC) from their middle school because these subjects are important to get into engineering stream. Continue reading