My Reading Challenges of 2021

Alright, I know I’m almost 2 months late with this post but better late than never, right? Last year, I signed up for many reading challenges with ambitious (read unrealistic) goals. Then I fell into a reading slump like many others and ended up removing some challenges till I got down to just three. In 2021, I’m trying to be mindful of the fact that life has its own challenges and can get in the way of my reading challenges.

I am planning to focus on classics and non fiction. After a whole year of a self imposed book buying ban, I got the penguin little black classics box set and will start reading them in 2021. So I will be adding these books to my challenges.

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2020 Reading Challenges

2019 was not the best year for me in terms of reading. I spent most of the year not reading much. Then in November, I suddenly got the motivation to read more and took up a media diet plan. I quit binge-watching videos and have been reading a short story and a poem every day. This has rekindled my passion for reading and I’ve decided to sign up for the following reading challenges this year. Continue reading