How Celebrating Women’s Day at Work Benefits the Future Generations of Men

There seems to be this thought process that women’s day celebration at work brings a divide between men and women. In a place where all genders work together harmoniously, celebrating women’s day is like glorifying the contributions of women and/or highlighting the achievements of only women. I can see why men feel left out and underappreciated on this day. If the celebrations aren’t done right, it could even be seen as subtle discriminating against men. Let me explain why celebrating women’s day at work is actually beneficial for the men in the next generations. Continue reading

Why We Celebrate Women’s Day In The Workplace

Like most workplaces, my office also celebrates women’s day. As part of the women’s action network, I have been actively involved in the celebrations. Over the years, we have been conducting games and events such as sessions and discussions specifically targeted at women. While the games served as a networking opportunity for women, the sessions inspired them and gave them a platform to voice their opinions and concerns. We also organized a few events that included all employees.

A few years back, we added one extra element to the celebration and that seems to have bothered a few men. Continue reading

My Women’s Day Reading List

I often come across book lists that feature women writers. This women’s day, instead of giving you yet another list of books by women, I wanted to share books for women and about women. No, this is not a list of “chick-lit”. And no, not a feminism 101 reading list either. I will post one in the future when I’m well-read on the topic.

In this post, I will be sharing books that have meant a lot to me, that are on my must-read list and that are constantly being recommended to me. This list will be across genres but will feature books that centre around women. Continue reading